Employment Opportunities

At Big Ben’s Moving & Storage, we are always seeking a few good men and women for our staff and crews. We will gladly speak and meet with veterans and non-veterans alike anytime that are interested in joining our wonderful company.

It has been said that the unemployment rate among military veterans is nearly double the national unemployment average. In an effort to help combat unemployment for our fellow military brothers and sisters, Big Ben’s Moving & Storage, a Veteran owned company is very proud to offer our United States Veterans a platform from which they may begin a new career.

Setting the standard in the industry means having the right team in place. Our people are our greatest assets and bringing out the best in them takes a dedication to development. It’s what grows our business, but as important it’s essential to the growth of your career. We take a very comprehensive approach to each of our new members and will create a compensation package, bonuses and benefits commensurate with one’s experience, natural ability and most of all, integrity and loyalty to being part of our family long term. While we provide an exceptional service, we also serve a purpose, it is that with which we are most proud.

Please email us or visit our contact page with any questions, attach a resume if you wish and we’ll gladly get back to you right away.


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Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team here at Big Ben’s Moving & Storage, please feel free to send your resume and any other information you think applicable to