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Local Moves

Big Ben’s highly trained staff offers the most detailed and diligent level of service in Los Angeles.

Our former US military veterans and our veterans of the moving industry provide us a blend of discipline and teamwork that is unparalleled. The experience and interaction with our teams, in your home will be one of utter professionalism. There is no detail left unaddressed, we are neat, clean, quick and quiet. We carefully protect the residence both at origin and at destination, dress in clean attire, white gloves with rubber tips, clean, no smudge sneakers and plastic booties when needed. We transport your goods in state of the art, air ride late model vehicles loading with equipment that allows for the most secure load for safe transport. The attention to planning and careful execution of every move project is evident.

Moves within 100 miles

Local moving services are charged on an hourly basis plus the cost of materials used. We plan and execute every move as efficiently as imaginable. We will prepare the perfect plan and assign the most suitable crew and crew leader. We will send one of our experienced managers to provide a visual estimate for your move, assess your specific needs and decide on the plan of action. Every step we take is done with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Many of our high profile clientele appreciate these rules and the stealthy manner in which we operate.

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Long Distance

Unlike a local move, long distance moves requires extensive planning. Interstate moves require a different style of packing and wrapping for some items, far more paperwork for the USDOT and a detailed inventory.

Our experience in this area is unrivalled and we prepare with the same precise detail as we do for all “local moves”. The difference here is that the added component of delivery at a distant destination requires an unloading team as careful as the origin loading team. Most companies cannot provide that, we do. The Big Ben Solution is firstly to assign a dedicated exclusive truck or trailer for direct delivery to destination. Secondly, the same team that loads the shipment will be part of the delivery team, allowing for easy identification of fragile items so their carefully unwrapped, and an easy reassembly of items we took apart. It is this approach that maximizes the speed of delivery and minimizes the chances for damage. Our transportation for interstate moves will either be in 26’ or 50-53’ trailers loaded with state of the art security and protection systems. All of our vehicles have a GPS tracking system that allows our office to know exactly where every vehicle is at all times.

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Commercial Moves

Commercial moves present far more potential challenges than residential moves. That’s why contracting with a capable and fully licensed commercial mover is a prerequisite for your project.

Whether moving a single start-up office, a large call center, a law firm or a fortune 500 firm time efficiency is an integral part of getting an organization moved and operational in a new location. This is our strength and the primary reason to choose Big Ben’s to run the operation.

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Storage Solutions

Big Ben’s storage facilities are a completely private offering with no public access without appointment. We offer climate controlled storage, crating, palletized and loose options for all types.

Whether it’s a single piece family heirloom, an entire household or office furniture and equipment, we will gladly protect and store your shipment in our private high security facility. We will pick up and deliver any one or multiple pieces based on your itemized inventory that we provide you that day we receive the goods.

You may be undergoing construction, removing furniture to stage a large party or event or shifting items in and out of your home as needed; we will service all of that. Additionally we offer (SIT) storage in transit services for any customer that is moving long distance but requires a hold over in storage for any period of time. You can look at this as the middle portion of the move where everything stays wrapped fully protected and insured until you are ready for delivery.

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