Local Moves

Local Moves


Big Ben’s highly trained staff offers the most detailed and diligent level of service in Los Angeles.

Our military veterans and veterans of the moving industry provide us a blend of discipline and teamwork that is unparalleled. The experience and interaction with our movers in your home will be one of absolute professionalism. There is no detail left unaddressed. We are clean, quick, and quiet. We carefully protect the residence both at origin and at destination, dress in clean attire, wear no smudge sneakers and plastic booties when needed. The attention to detail and careful execution of every move is evident from the moment we meet and throughout the entirety of your move.


Moves within 100 miles

Local moving services are charged on an hourly basis plus the cost of materials used. We plan and execute every move as efficiently as imaginable. We will prepare the perfect plan and assign the most suitable crew for your relocation. We can provide a visual estimate for your move, assess your specific needs and decide on the plan of action with everything we see and what you express to us. We are confident in our abilities and respect all your needs. Many of our high profile clientele appreciate these rules and the discrete manner in which we operate.

Intrastate moves beyond 100 miles within California

The cost of a California intrastate move depends on the distance you are moving and the weight of your shipment. Here’s how it works: we will weigh the moving truck with and without your shipment fully loaded at a government regulated weigh station. The difference between those two weights is the weight of your shipment and what we will charge for.

VIP Dedicated Truck Intrastate or Long Distance

Big Ben’s dedicated service provides the option for “your own” truck or trailer for door to door service nationwide. This eliminates the standard practice of combining shipments to be sure a truck is full for its trip. It’s also an excellent option for shipments of substantial high value.

Confidential and Discrete Moving Services

We have an extensive list of personal assistants, publicists and talent agents that use our services on a regular basis. Discretion is our motto. We move dignitaries, actors, musicians, Hollywood executives, and others that require complete confidentiality to protect their interests. Our employees all sign non-disclosure agreements and have track records of safeguarding sensitive, in some cases classified information.


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Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in joining our team here at Big Ben’s Moving & Storage, please feel free to send your resume and any other information you think applicable to [email protected]