Packing & Unpacking

Packing & Unpacking

PBO – Packed by owner

The customer packs all household goods and personal effects which includes emptying drawers, cabinets, shelves, closets, etc. and does not usually include large frame pictures, mirrors, large lamps, all electronic items for which the original box doesn’t exist or any hanging clothing you wish to transport in wardrobe boxes. The furniture of course is left for our team to wrap and crate on move day.

PPBC – Packed by Carrier

Our team packs every single item that’s listed to be moved and mark the boxes indicating what room they came from and what’s inside. We will also photograph certain items as we pack them if they require specific identification for insurance. They will wrap every item individually with bubble wrap, packing paper, tissue or rice paper depending on what it calls for. These packing services are some of the most meticulous and detailed in the country and demand the highest level of experience. These services are all inclusive of the labor and materials.

Big Ben’s Rolling Bin System – Simply the most efficient method of offering box-free packing and moving services. We offer Big Ben’s plastic bin rentals which are not only cheaper, but the only totally green option in LA. We offer a commercial grade plastic crate, stackable with wheels for home owners that wish to avoid using cardboard boxes, recycled or not, taping them and dealing with the crush factor that can occur if they’re not well made. Our bins will not crush or break and you may shift them around your house during the packing stages as they stack 5 together on wheels. Each one is the equivalent space of a large box from your local box supply or moving store. We will deliver a minimum of these bins on a one time rental basis and pick them up from you when you’re done unpacking.

Specialized Crating

All of the luxury homes we move require custom crating made of either tri-wall corrugated or plywood. All of these needs will be assessed during our planning stage and crates will be pre-made in our warehouse to specs. Some of our crates will be lined with rubber inserts or bedding depending on the protection needed. Crates for high value oil paintings will be insulated with high grade Japanese rice paper for safe transport in a variety of climates.

Video and Photographs of high value household items

Big Ben will always dispatch a manager for supervision at the onset of any project. This includes photographing and recording any high value furniture, art and décor. We do this to protect any insurance policy so we have a clear record of before/after pictures of these items in the event of a claim.

Unpacking & Set-up

Our clients often request complete unpacking of personal effects. This service includes the unpacking of boxes, careful placement of goods in drawers, shelves and cabinet as well as common areas for display. While we work closely with any interior decorator, assistant or the client themselves, we will surprise you with the natural flair for placement ourselves if requested as we do this every day and have heard all the feedback imaginable. We will remove all the debris and every shred of garbage associated with the move from your premises the day we leave.


We do not hire just any individual be it veteran or civilian. We have very stringent drug and criminal background testing as well as multiple interviews that we administer to decide if they have the mental make-up to develop as a professional Big Ben’s team member. Following that, we provide in office/warehouse training for those that have less experience to teach them how to pack boxes, crate glass and marble and wrap furniture to perfection. We re-assemble everything throughout the home as well as delicate unpacking services that require each team member to understand the nuances of unpacking and placement of items. Finally, we train each member to follow specific rules that pertain to “the team” and the actual in home or office experience. These rules consist of appearance, conduct codes and the methodical execution of each move plan.



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